15ft Inflatable Military Billboard Arch – Hill Air Force Base

Hill Air Force Base’s mission is to provide mission-ready Airmen and equipment, outstanding support to Team Hill and supreme care to our people.


Our inflatable archways are perfect for your base events. These can be used for races, mud runs, marathons, entry for events, or any type of special event on a military base. Inflatable arches are very easy to setup and are very easy to transport. Our inflatable archways come in a variety of shapes and sizes and each style of the arch inflatables can be ordered in your choice of colors and/or branded with your branch or base logos. There are optional removable banners available as well.

All inflatable FUSION products are proudly made in the U.S.A and can be purchased by the military through GSA Advantage! GSA Contract # GS-03F-018CA

15ft Inflatable Billboard Arch – City of Sunset Hills

The city of Sunset Hills Parks and Recreation has something for everyone to enjoy. With an exceptional community and fitness center, parks, athletic fields and more, every member of the family will have their favorite place to play. Bringing family, fitness, and fun together as one.

Find out more here: www.sunset-hills.com


15ft Inflatable Billboard Archway – Endurance Aventure


Endurance Aventure – For People Wilder Than Average!

Race El Paso – 15′ Billboard Arch

Race El Paso organizes high-quality, safe and fun multisport and endurance races in El Paso.  With ideal weather, varied terrain, and thriving cycling, swimming, running, and triathlon communities, El Paso is ready to make its mark in the multisport community!

Race El Paso:

  • provides fun and safe multisport and endurance events for local athletes and aspiring athletes;
  • invites out-of-town athletes to experience El Paso’s cool mornings, mountains and valleys, and cultural gems;
  • is committed to developing a culture of health and fitness in El Paso and the borderlands by introducing more people to multisport and endurance racing, identifying training opportunities, and offering great spectator and volunteer support.

Race El Paso is dedicated to incorporating environmentally friendly practices into its races.  We want healthy bodies AND a healthy planet!

Greg Gouveia Race El Paso – Eagle in the Sun Triathlon


15′ Billboard Arch – YOLO BOARD

The Yolo Story

You Only Live Once
The theme of YOLO is very much in the hearts and minds of founders Jeff Archer and Tom Losee. Both are business owners with a keen entrepreneurial spirit. Balancing family, business, and recreational activities always has its challenges, yet the realization that life will never slow down caused them to look at maximizing fun in relation to responsibility. With the motto “You Only Live Once” as the mantra for these two entrepreneurs, the idea of YOLO as a bigger force was born.

After extensive research and development, it was determined that there was a need for more of a hybrid style stand-up paddle board–one that not only has its roots in traditional surfing but also in other related paddle sports such as canoeing and kayaking. With the endless supply of bodies of water in Florida and increasing momentum in this segment of the water sports market, YOLO BOARD was born… Standing up and paddling offers a whole new point of view: from paddling with dolphins, to sneaking up on blue crabs, to dropping in at your favorite surf-break, the act of YOLO-ing or stand up paddling has evolved from its surfing roots to a far more extensive means to enjoy time on the water from a new perspective—anywhere—anytime.

15′ Billboard Arch – WFMY News 2