30ft x 25ft Inflatable Square Tent – Takis

Put together fireworks, tons of mojo, chronologically challenged adults, a craving for authentic and intense flavor, and you get Barcel USA. Though our main crib is in Coppell, Texas, our snack company’s intensity has a large presence all over the U.S. Whether you’re a salty or sweet tooth, we have a massive selection of scrumptious candies, cookies, and snacks. Fear not, spicy-tooth one –– we have unique, sweet and spicy products with different levels of intensity and sweetness. It all comes down to what your tongue can handle, and/or its taste buds’ most rule-breaking desires.


30ft x 25ft Inflatable Square Tent – Aquafina Flavorsplash

30ft x 25ft Inflatable Tent

This inflatable tent or booth is great when used as a tailgating events, trade show booth, sampling area, giveaways, or as a shade structure.