Race El Paso – 15′ Billboard Arch

Race El Paso organizes high-quality, safe and fun multisport and endurance races in El Paso.  With ideal weather, varied terrain, and thriving cycling, swimming, running, and triathlon communities, El Paso is ready to make its mark in the multisport community!

Race El Paso:

  • provides fun and safe multisport and endurance events for local athletes and aspiring athletes;
  • invites out-of-town athletes to experience El Paso’s cool mornings, mountains and valleys, and cultural gems;
  • is committed to developing a culture of health and fitness in El Paso and the borderlands by introducing more people to multisport and endurance racing, identifying training opportunities, and offering great spectator and volunteer support.

Race El Paso is dedicated to incorporating environmentally friendly practices into its races.  We want healthy bodies AND a healthy planet!

Greg Gouveia Race El Paso – Eagle in the Sun Triathlon



  1. fergus sloan says:

    could you please send me prices on the 15′ archway by YOLO ?

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