Inflatable Soccer World Cup Goal Kick – Hedstrom Entertainment & Mitre

Hedstrom Entertainment: Founded in 1913 as Eagle Rubber in Ashland, Ohio, Hedstrom has blossomed into a company with a wide variety of products. Hedstrom Entertainment has 99 years of experience in the manufacture, sales and distribution of toys. Already conquering the play ball market with a majority share at retail, Hedstrom continues to grow its product offerings. In addition to expanding its product lines, Hedstrom is moving into new markets. With a core focus on children of ages 2-8, they also create exciting products targeted to tweens and babies. Hedstrom’s mission is to get kids off the couch and start having Unplugged Fun!!!

Mitre: Established in England in 1817, Mitre has been around since the dawn of professional sport, and is still present whenever Football, Rugby, Netball or Cricket is being played. Mitre strives to be the people’s sports brand, built on twin foundations of heritage and technical expertise. Our world class products combine the highest technical performance with a sense of history to bring the Mitre brand alive for the current generation and those to follow. Overall, Mitre values the team. And we realize it takes two teams to make a game. So although we passionately want to win, it’s never at all costs. That would be letting the side down, both sides in fact. It’s this quality that gives people the confidence to play.

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