Inflatable Soccer World Cup – Atlanta United FC

“United” – Evolution of Our Name
The time is now, a new era has dawned. Atlanta is welcoming the beautiful game.

Atlanta was born as a railroad town and today is a global hub for travel and commerce. It is in our DNA to connect and unite.

A new state of the art stadium is being built as the Club’s home. It will be an iconic landmark for Atlanta leading the world into the next generation of stadium designs.

Atlanta is a modern, international city that embraces all its citizens, creating an inclusive fan base that is progressive and passionate. A fan base that becomes one voice. We all gather together and stand united.

We are a football club because we are more than just the team: we are the fans, we are the community, we are Atlanta, taken from the voices of the citizens.

This is our City. This is our Club.

We are Atlanta United FC.

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