Custom Inflatable Velcro Sticky Wall – The M&Ms Candy Bar NYC – Allied Experiential

Dec 7th – 9th in NYC: With the hectic holiday shopping season upon us, M&M’S is offering New Yorkers the chance to take a break from the chaos and be one of the first to try a new product from the brand – M&M’S Chocolate Bars – at a limited-time pop-up experience aptly named ‘The M&M’S Chocolate Bar.’

It’s a free, interactive event featuring a larger-than-life Velcro wall where attendees can get ‘stuck’ to a chocolate bar, share a ride on an M&M’S Chocolate Bar-themed sled and engage in many other fun – and tasty – activities.  Guests will be able to cozy up to the ‘bar’ for coffee or hot cocoa, snap Insta-worthy photos throughout the space and try the new product for themselves.

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  1. Dan Marston says

    i’d love to try it get into velcro jumpsuit black socks jump down and up get stuck to velcro wall it looks exciting fun and relaxing feel wonderful love picture of girl in the MMs yellow velcro jumpsuit and black socks jumping up question how does person unstuck from sticky wall

    Dan Marston

  2. Dan Marston says

    can you buy or are theses for sale MMs velcro jumpsuits worn for getting stuck to velcro wall I’d love to have one of theses MMs velcro yellow jumpsuits asking and just wondering

    thank you
    Dan Marston

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