6’H Inflatable Avocado – SUBWAY

Subway partners with Robert Irvine and adds avocado!

Subway has tapped the food industry’s most famous chiseled chef, Robert Irvine, to spread the word that the world’s largest restaurant chain is not your typical fast-food joint. It’s “ADD-vocado Season” at SUBWAY® restaurants nationwide!

Subway unveiled plans to roll out avocado as a sandwich option nationwide. The public embrace of avocados by the sandwich giant, which with 24,188 U.S. stores has more domestic locations than McDonald’s, is pegged to the healthier eating theme that’s been crucial to Subway’s success.

The move is expected to nudge other major fast-food chains to elevate the vitamin-, mineral- and calorie-packed fruit to their menus. At Subway, avocado makes its debut as preservative-free, 100% avocado spread in a Turkey & Bacon Avocado sandwich that sells for about $7.


  1. Brett Bruce says

    Hi, We would like an inflatable avocado for an event next weekend in Southern California. Will you please email me? Thank you.

  2. Hi, im interested on the inflatable avocado, please send me more info and price, thanks.

  3. Hi I’m interested in a large inflatable avocado (like the subway one). Please let me know the approx. cost of one of these.


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