6ft H BluTag Ankle Tracker – Satellite Tracking of People LLC

STOP’s 2004 entry into the Global Positioning System (GPS) monitoring industry was an industry-changing event. The company provided U.S. government agencies GPS monitoring technology and services previously unavailable: a device that housed both its receiver and transmitter in a single case that was never removed for any reason. These agencies could finally track the movements of enrollees and not the location of a separate handheld portable GPS tracking unit. BluTag revolutionized the industry and it continues to lead the industry with its functionality and dependability. STOP began providing active GPS monitoring services in February 2005.

BluTag (U.S. Patent RE 39,909 and RE 38,838) is the original one-piece GPS monitoring device that houses its receiver and transmitter in a single unit. BluTag can monitor the movements of enrollees in active, passive and hybrid GPS modes without changing equipment. The difference between each mode is (a) how quickly the device transmits monitoring data to VeriTracks, our Internet-based monitoring application, and (b) how it transmits monitoring data to VeriTracks.



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