30ft Angle Arch – Team Blue Sky Events

Team Blue Sky Events was formed in 2012 to meet the fast growing demand of a diverse population of athletes and sports enthusiasts in the bay area of California.  From long distance running, to on/off-road biking, to adult flag football for male and females, to whatever grabs our attention next, our past experience in sports at all levels, and our relationships with local and nationally known brands has geared us for this type of work.  Simply put, we know sports.

With a desire to enhance the understanding of wellness and physical fitness across all ages, TBSE also believes in promoting events with a slant towards pushing the elite class athletes to higher levels as well.

From a philanthropic slant, we believe in giving back to the next generation on a local level. By supporting our partner schools with needed finances for sports gear and scholarships for athletes, they can get the same chance that we had at their age.

We also believe that helping global causes is important as well. That is why we partner with Team World Vision. A humanitarian effort aimed at creating potable water in third world countries.  You think you have bad tap water, you should think again!  There are those who have to walk miles to a pond to get muddy water, and then they have to share it with wild animals.  However, far below the earth’s surface lies water tables that with the right equipment can be brought to the water to serve tribes and small villages.  This is pretty cool stuff.


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