20ft Inflatable Truss Archway – Marathon Bahamas & Sunshine Insurance

Sunshine Insurance (Agents & Brokers) Limited is a wholly owned subsidiary of Sunshine Holdings Limited. Sunshine Holdings Limited was established in 1972 by a group of Bahamian businessmen whose youth energy and vision led to their being referred to as “The Sunshine Boys”. Their mission was to prove that a group of Bahamian businessmen, of humble origin, could own and manage successful businesses.

Marathon Bahamas is the first marathon of The Bahamas in the 21st Century, and brings together runners from around The Bahamas as well as internationally. Marathon Bahamas is an annual event and every effort is made to make it increasingly attractive for participants from the Bahamas and around the world.

This event is designed to attract participants from a cross section of the local Bahamian and international communities including:

•Club runners
•National standard runners
•Tourist runners
•Charity runners
•Elite runners



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