20ft Inflatable Angle Arch – Fleet Feet Sports Stuart

At Fleet Feet Sports, they believe that fit and function for your foot type, body type and fitness regimen are the most important ingredients for finding the right shoe. They are constantly wear-testing and evaluating running and walking shoes to determine the best selection for their customers. Among the factors they look at are appropriate level of cushioning to cover any distance, stability features that function properly and comfortable and breathable upper materials.

The product mix at Fleet Feet Sports is extensive but they stick to brands that have made a commitment to the running and walking market and support specialty retail. They stock shoes from companies that have a solid reputation for quality and commit to at least a one-year product lifecycle for their shoe models. They are always “auditioning” new brands and models for a spot on the shoe wall.

There really isn’t a ‘Best Shoe’ or ‘Best Brand’ for everyone. Fleet Feet believes it is more important to select the right type of shoe and try on several brands to determine which model fits your foot the best.

They take pride in offering excellent, individual customer service. This process begins by measuring your feet and asking questions about your running or walking habits; then they evaluate your gait. This also allows you to see what your feet do in motion. Next, they will fit the shoe, based on function and comfort, and help you decide which is best for you. The goal is to create a consistently memorable experience in their store as well as have you return as a satisfied customer.


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