20ft Inflatable Angle Arch – Competitor ME


Inspired By Motion, CompetitorME is here to create or manage triathlon and running events; and coach the athletes that participate in them.
Mission: Whether you’re a first time participant, or an old pro, we have an event just for you. We believe in:

* Creating events for everyone to pursue their active and healthy lifestyles,
* Offer the same BIG race, only in YOUR backyard,
* Create affordable and competitive events for everyone,
* Make Presque Isle the hub of endurance events in Northern Maine,
* To share in YOUR success!

Description: CompetitorME was born from the farm fields, wooded forests, and high hills of Aroostook County, where a deep passion for endurance sports was cultivated. At CompetitorME, creating and managing quality events is the goal. With our USA Triathlon Certified Race Director; safe, fun, and fair events can be developed. Attaining your personal triathlon or running goals are also important, that’s why we offer personalized training plans from our USA Triathlon Certified Coach. www.competitorme.com

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