20ft Billboard Archway – True Time Racing

True Time Racing is a chip timing and event management company based in central Iowa providing services local and distant clients alike. True Time is proud to offer the J-Chip Timing System to provide your event with fast, accurate and reliable results during your event. We specialize in outputting real time results to big screens and mobile devices such as iPhones, iPads, and other smart devices. We also have offer the standard printing/posting service for clients looking for the basics.

The J-Chip timing system is relatively new to the US market. It is an active dual frequency system which has remedied many of the issues that most single frequency and passive systems have. Unlike many counterparts, the J-Chip system is incredibly accurate with a typical read height of over six feet allowing for participants to wear the chip anywhere on their body or bike (Not just on the ankle). The J-Chip system reads better than waist high and can accommodate high density race finishes where older passive systems failed. With a near 100% read rate, your event will be timed quickly and accurately.

The J-Chip timing system is being used across the world. True Time uses this timing solution to provide fast and accurate results for running, cycling, multi-sport, and various other events.



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