20ft Inflatable Standard Arch – Shipley’s Donuts

This looks incredible!!!!  You guys certainly executed exactly what I had in mind.  I cannot wait to receive this!”– Stacey

It was 1936, the end of the Great Depression, when Lawrence Shipley, Sr. created a gourmet recipe for Do-Nuts. So delicious were the Do-Nuts that they have withstood the test of time. Cut by hand and served hot throughout the day, the Do-Nuts were 5 cents a dozen and were only sold wholesale. Shipley Do-Nuts continues the pride and tradition on delivering the finest Do-Nuts and kolaches in the business. Shipley Do-Nuts is a gourmet product made fresh daily. The company offers excellent customer service, clean stores and friendly employees who love our Do-Nuts as much as our customers do.


A custom arch is where you can go a little crazy. Custom arches can be made from 3D logos or by incorporating themes, colors and shapes like the donut arch above. We can even build your product shape right into the arch! The only limit is the imagination. Let us work with you to create something really unique. We can fuse your ideas with ours to make you one of a kind. All sizes and shapes can be achieved. Give us a call so will help design an archway to meet your special event or finish line needs, including shape, size, custom colors and assorted branding areas. Your arch can be permanently branded or made with interchangeable banner areas.

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