15ft Inflatable Truss Arch – RF Events

The event weekend is not complete until the crew gets back to home base and starts the week with a Waffle Monday celebration, a time to recap and replenish. Waffles give us the energy to unload the trucks and dig out! Waffle Monday’s goal is to create and execute events that can live on in memory as the most significant moments in life, events where goals and dreams become reality, a tall order that we take seriously. Yes, there are some cheesy and fun themes but behind the scene a detailed plan executed by their crew to insure a safe serious timed event that your training and hard earned entry fee will not be wasted on. Waffle Mondays does not chase the fads and promises not to put on flavor of the month, money grab, been there, done that runs. They believe in successful events that stand the test of time, events that can become memorable traditions for you, your family and friends.

You can expect a great value for your event dollar from Waffle Mondays, their goal is to pay the bills, support charitable causes and make a modest and fair profit … so they can buy Waffles on Mondays!


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