15′ Billboard Arch – YOLO BOARD

The Yolo Story

You Only Live Once
The theme of YOLO is very much in the hearts and minds of founders Jeff Archer and Tom Losee. Both are business owners with a keen entrepreneurial spirit. Balancing family, business, and recreational activities always has its challenges, yet the realization that life will never slow down caused them to look at maximizing fun in relation to responsibility. With the motto “You Only Live Once” as the mantra for these two entrepreneurs, the idea of YOLO as a bigger force was born.

After extensive research and development, it was determined that there was a need for more of a hybrid style stand-up paddle board–one that not only has its roots in traditional surfing but also in other related paddle sports such as canoeing and kayaking. With the endless supply of bodies of water in Florida and increasing momentum in this segment of the water sports market, YOLO BOARD was born… Standing up and paddling offers a whole new point of view: from paddling with dolphins, to sneaking up on blue crabs, to dropping in at your favorite surf-break, the act of YOLO-ing or stand up paddling has evolved from its surfing roots to a far more extensive means to enjoy time on the water from a new perspective—anywhere—anytime.

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