Inflatable Ultimate Survivor Challenge – Kill Cliff

Kill Cliff was started in 2011 by a US Navy SEAL because other things on the market didn’t help replenish micronutrients and help you recover. Alas, Kill Cliff Recovery Drinks were born. Now with the launch of their ridiculously tasty protein bars, they’re able to make sure that you can eat or drink your way to nutrition with Kill Cliff. Their team is made up of military veterans, athletes, business professionals, and food & beverage gurus alike. They are committed to ONLY making products that they love and would use. What’s next for Kill Cliff you ask? Why, complete world domination of course.

Founded by a Navy SEAL & Official Partner of the Navy SEAL Foundation.

85′ L Ultimate Survivor Challenge Obstacle Course – Shilo AFB

Inflatable Obstacle Course – Ultimate Survivor Challenge

Ultimate Survivor Challenge – Inflatable Obstacle Course