Billboard Archways

The Billboard Arch gets the message across. This arch is made of inflatable tubes. What makes it dynamic is the giant inflatable billboard area. This billboard arch can be branded font and back. You can use the billboard area for Start or Finish. It can also be used for your event name or logo. This arch makes a huge visual impact. It is available in your choice of colors and sizes. It can also be printed or made with removable sponsor banner areas. An internal blower is included on all sizes. We will help design an archway to meet your special event or finish line needs, including shape, size, custom colors and assorted branding areas. Your arch can be permanently branded or made with interchangeable banner areas.

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All of our inflatable arches are made for easy setup. Each of the archways comes with our deluxe accessory pack. This includes the blower that is internal up through the 30’ size and external over 35’. Also included are nylon tie down straps, steel ground stakes, hammer, heavy duty sand bag covers, ground tarp, storage bag, extension cord color matching repair kit and heavy duty vinyl sandbag covers.