Truss Archways

The Truss Arch is an inflatable version of the old scaffolding you might have used before at your events. Now you can have that look in minutes not hours. It is flat on all sides to promote multiple banner areas. This shape can also be used for race transition areas. The truss arch can be printed with your logo or message and is available in many color choices or combinations. All sizes include an internal blower. We will help design an archway to meet your special event or finish line needs, including shape, size, custom colors and assorted branding areas. Your arch can be permanently branded or made with interchangeable banner areas.

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12′ Truss Archway

12' Truss Archway

15′ Truss Archway

15' Truss Archway

20′ Truss Archway

20' Truss Archway

25′ Truss Archway

25' Truss Archway

Custom Truss Archway

Custom Truss Archway