30ft Inflatable Military Angle Arch – Fort Irwin

NTC MISSION: Provide tough, realistic joint and combined arms training. Focus at the battalion task force and brigade levels. Assist commanders in developing trained, competent leaders and soldiers. Identify unit training deficiencies, provide feedback to improve the force and prepare for success on the future joint battlefield. Provide a venue for transformation. Take care of soldiers, civilians, and family members.


Our inflatable archways are perfect for your base events. These can be used for races, mud runs, marathons, entry for events, or any type of special event on a military base. Inflatable arches are very easy to setup and are very easy to transport. Our inflatable archways come in a variety of shapes and sizes and each style of the arch inflatables can be ordered in your choice of colors and/or branded with your branch or base logos. There are optional removable banners available as well.

All inflatable FUSION products are proudly made in the U.S.A and can be purchased by the military through GSA Advantage! GSA Contract # GS-03F-018CA

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